1. The origins of our business in metals goes back to our founder Mr. Moisés Duarte and his vast experience in the metal mechanic sector, acquired through his involvement in several construction projects in Portugal and abroad (such as bridges, refineries and electric plants).

  2. Main landmarks:

    1973 – First steps in the storage and trading of machinery, consumables and industrial equipment.

    1976 – New warehouse allowing for the development of complementary activities in the storage and trading of steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

    1982 – The growth of this business lead to the setting up of the company Moisés & Jesus, Lda, under the name of the family founding partners.

    1993 – The metals business became the most relevant requiring the Company to change to new and larger facilities.

    2001 – The management was entrusted to the next generation within the family, the current CEO Mr. Nelson Duarte, allowing for such smooth transition and maintaining the value and know-how of the Company.

    2002 – The Company moved to new facilities enlarging its storage capacity and adopting new processes.

    2005 – The Company made major investments in its organisation and IT, namely adopting SAP system and new management and accounting tools.

    2008 – Moisés & Jesus has been transformed from a quota limited liability company into a stock limited liability company.

    2009 – The Company began its industrial activities, through a Steel service center, opening a new business area.

    2012 – The Company started industrial activities with a Metalworking service center, opened new offices and a new commercial area to offer machinery, consumables and industrial equipment.

    2013 – Starting the Company’s internationalisation process.